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José Terán

Music is my life

Guitar fusion

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Since the age of eight years, music always had been my big companion,

my passion.

I could´nt live without it.

With a guitar in my hand, I feel like being home.

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At the beginning of his career in the music industry, José Terán is part of one of the best rock and blues groups on the Mexican scene, known as "Arbol".
A short time later he founded his own band "Caja de Pandora" and with it crossed all borders such as those of the United States of America, a large part of Asia and of course Europe.
To this day, the only self-produced album, is traded quite expensively, especially in America.
Then he moves to Europe, where he also gets to know excellent, qualified musicians and founds the "Latin Connection". He recorded a series of successes in the field of Latin jazz fusion, as a result of which a record company was interested in his work, for which he has produced a total of 9 CDs so far.
His last work is called "Strange Days". Here he shows again, with an unmistakable style, his virtuosity, both as a composer, when playing his instrument - the guitar - and as an arranger.

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Caja de Pandora - José Terán

Finest Rock from Mexico City

with vocal tracks in English and Spanish.

Keyboards: Alejandro Lomelín

Bass: Antonio Castro

Drums: José Vignon

Guitar & Vocals: José Terán

Vocals: Claudia Terán

Music & Lyrics:

José Terán & Claudia Terán

CD 12399

©2023 - Tacho Records

by Polyglobe Music,

publishing & production

Already available on digital sales worldwide.

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Strange Days

My new CD is out!!

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Caja de Pandora

Progressive, symphonic Rock from Mexico City.

Masterpiece, which contains passages of the most radical symphonism in his work.

Keyboards: Alejandro Lomelín

Bass: Antonio Castro

Drums: Eduardo Medina

Guitar: José Terán


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La Caja - Vayas donde vayas

Vayas donde vayas is the second disc published in 1986 in Mexico City.

Voz: Salvador Moreno

Bass: Antonio Castro

Drums: Eduardo Medina

Guitar: José Terán

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A beautiful guitar CD by the master of rhythmic guitar music for a little more wanderlust feeling.
CD 19702 - 51 min.

Availiable in well-stocked specialist shops and as a Download from:

or via Spotify, Deezer, itunes...

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En la fiesta

An album with virtuoso guitar pieces

on an international level.

The expressive guitar playing offers a wide spectrum, from titles with activating rhythms

to deep instrumental pieces.

A collectable CD for lovers of

Latin American guitar music.

CD 19910 -  62 min.

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Celebration - José Terán + Andy Radovan

The relaxing art of guitar music.
The music by José Terán and Andy Radovan provides a special kind of acoustic enjoyment.

Whether for a cozy get-together with family and friends, as a relaxing accompaniment at work, for therapeutic applications, for culinary events or for a relaxing evening on the sofa.
CD 10508 - 59 min. 

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Cafe Latino

Latin Music
Music between palm trees and musical tracks in the sand with an exquisite taste of the sun.
CD 10216 - 64 min. 

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 Nobody is perfect Kopie.jpg

Nobody is perfect

Spanish latinfusion -  virtuoso music for guitar  very high musical level - impressive style of the mexican guitarist José Terán. 
CD 2007 - 85 min. 

double CD
€ 23 + shipping charges 

Availiable directly from José Terán.

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White nights - José + Claudia Terán

This CD contains Christmas themes from all over the world, popular songs, as well as

new Christmas songs written by

Claudia und José Terán.

CD 11224 - 41 min. Christmas CD

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Clásico - Classic meets Latin

On this CD, José interprets the great classics

in his usual way of fusing the music.

With musically impressive and sensitive passages and improvisations,

he shows his respect and admiration

for all these classical music geniuses

in this work. CD 11323 - 51 min.

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Letters for Alice

Pure latin-fusion music on top level.

The album by Mexican guitarist José Terán represents a milestone in the artist´s work.

It contains a musical overview of his music career. CD 11622 - 60 min.

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Strange Days - Rock Fusion

With this project I want to motivate to


faith and hope.

For a better world...

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